Frida Bleggi



While working as a chemical analyzer, I discovered that I wanted to spend more time with people and learn how to help them, therefore I completed my Physiotherapy degree at The University of Verona in Italy in 2011.
Traveling is my biggest passion and diving, it took me all the way to Cairns where I worked in hospital wards in different fields: women’s health, orthopedics, and rehabilitation.  Just to mention a few of my favorites!

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy has always been of high interest to me, so I decided to develop my career further in this direction after finishing the Australian Physiotherapy Process in 2016. I have been working with Focus Physio since early 2017. We have regular meetings to discuss new techniques and ideas. My passions are diving and hiking in the mountains. And in the last year, I have been enjoying Xfit! Loving the training, the environment, and all the people training with me.


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