Katja Jensen



Katja has been a physio for over 20 years. Trained initially in Switzerland.  She has lived in Cairns for some time now and loves the outdoors, travelling and crossfit. 

Katja has attended many courses through her career of most recent note is the prestigious year long course “connect therapy” a whole systems approach to Physio.  She has also completed the first part of the Visceral course, dry needling and is about to embark on a cranial course.  Katja enjoys helping people work through chronic injuries and is very precise and excellent at prescribing appropriate exercises.  

Recently Katja has taken a Cranio-sacral Course in which she has felt very inspired by.  Katja plans to follow this through to complete all available courses in this area and eventually get to teaching level. 

Katja is great with any injury or ailment but has alot of experience in particular with Knee, Shoulder and ankle injuries.


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