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Dedicated Professionals

We are an experienced team at Focus Physio Cairns.  We use the most current and innovative methods for assessment and treatment.  Focus Physio Practitioners are effective in treating a wide range of ailments, injuries, and complaints.   We have a number of extra qualifications that allow us to have a greater understanding of the whole body and therefore the ability to treat the whole.  Please read more on Visceral and Neural manipulation as well as Connect Therapy. 

We are always looking to expand our team should the right person be present.    If you are a practitioner with a curious mind and drive to really understand the body, and deliver exceptional service with results, we welcome a conversation.  

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Hands-On Treatment

Here at Focus Physio Cairns, your speedy recovery is our priority. Our holistic approach helps patients achieve long-term wellness and improve physical health and performance. Contact us to find out more.