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Physiotherapy Services

Focus Physio Cairns specialises in a whole systems approach.   We are dedicated to finding the source of your issues and providing the right kind of treatment to help you feel better and start moving faster.   We have been trained in the world-renowned “Connect therapy” course.  This has been getting a lot of attention as the most progressive and integrated form of Physio available.  We are the only ones in Cairns trained in “Connect Therapy”.

We are also unique in that we offer Visceral and Neural Manipulation training through the Barrel Institute.  These are very precise and direct techniques on the tissue.

All Focus Physio Cairns physiotherapists have also taken a needling course, whether it be acupuncture or dry needling.

As well as offering standard physiotherapy including prescription, pilates and hands-on treatment of manual therapy, we specialize in foot issues and post-Caesarean healing.  Read more below to find out about any of the above.

At Focus Physio Cairns, our method of treatment is very unique. We don’t just say, we treat the whole body and the cause. We stand by it. Our team has taken specific and integrated courses that look specifically at finding the “driver”—this is the cause of the issue.


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Cairns Physiotherapy Assessment & Diagnosis

At Focus Physio Cairns, we hear your story and take a detailed history. To that end, we create an individualised treatment plan including Assessment & Diagnosis.


Our treatments are more a hands on approach.  After many years of working with the body and alot of study, we believe that your system needs help first to release restrictions before it has the capacity to move and function correctly.   The treatment approach is very direct and precise for your particular needs. 


Physiotherapy Services/Skills offered

Conditions we treat